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Manager of Tej Public School

My dear students,

I am very glad to give the message that we established this school in the rural area for the development and betterment through best quality of education to the children.It is my clarion call to the students to improve the quality of life by making right choices and gaining a competitive edge through applying knowledge and laying stress on the aspects of thinking out of the box.This can be an extra edge to reach higher scale.One can do wonders if one Invests enough time in getting quality education and imbibing values while learning which constitutes the backbone of one's personality.One must dream big and take effective measures to actualize .In the context I would like to quote honourable A.P.J Abdul Kalam" We all have in us a divine fire and we must fill the whole world with the glow of its goodness." Let this divinefire in you also spread sheen of your goodness all over. Apart from being knowledgeable,imagination, visualization and divine fire will go a long way in fullfilling your big dream .In the present scenario smart work is rather more important than hard work as that shows a positive impact on people. Positive thoughts have positive results. The art of wise living involves four steps- (1)Plan purposefully (2)Prepare prayerfully,(3)proceed positively and (4) pursue persistently. My good wishes & sincere efforts are always with you for getting success in your life. .

Best Wishes..
Dr. T.P. Singh


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Affiliation No : 2130992.
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